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Continuing Professional education

If you have a standard physical educator teaching certificate in Texas, you must earn a minimum number of CPE hours through an approved CPE provider to renew your certificate (TAC §232.13). We offer three exemplary courses that can satisfy your CPE needs and provide or enhance your skills in the physical education classroom. We are an approved provider for physical education teacher CPE through the

courses for physical educators

KA201   Teaching Strength & Running Skills  

Strength training and running are the two primary activities comprising fitness prescriptions for youth and adults. Over 50,000,000 people in the USA will exercise by running each year and another 50,000,000 will train with weights as a primary exercise modality. This popularity underscores the importance of possessing teaching and programming skills in strength training and running. They are requisite to all physical educators and exercise professions. The premise of this course is to acquire or refine a set of skills relative to teaching and programming weight training and running exercise, that when employed induce the anatomical and physiological adaptations that lead to an improvement in fitness. 45 CPE hours.

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KA202  Teaching Endurance & Multi-Element Fitness

The re-emergence and re-acceptance of the concept of functional fitness - essentially exercise training that uses resisted and unresisted movement at varied speeds of movement across a variety of movement patterns - has profound meanings for physical educators. The fact that barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, rowing, running, and calisthenics exercises are now requisite components of lifetime fitness activities means that re-familiarization with, or newly learning these previously omitted systems of exercise is essential for physical educators.The course at hand provides educators data driven knowledge and methods for use in physical education settings. Upon completion, educators will have the most current, most intellectually sound, and most practical foundation for teaching students available. 45 CPE hours.

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KA203/203A Gym Yoga Instruction

This course is designed to provide learners with the essentials of teaching yoga within a traditional gym setting, either as an ancillary training methodology to be combined into workouts or as a stand-alone methodology for lower intensity or recovery days. Yoga’s effects on range of motion, local muscular endurance, and health are well documented. In this course Yoga has been dissected down into a strictly physical presentation, specifically relevant to the fitness professions. The course imbues the educator with an understanding of yoga, its scientific basis, and its uses in physical education environments. This practical course demonstrates how to perform twenty eight essential postures (and several other starting and transition postures) and introduces basic yoga teaching and programming skills in a manner which enables immediate implementation in the physical education classroom. The educator is assessed via multi-format online testing of content knowledge and with video assessment of exercise demonstration and teaching skills. 45 CPE hours.

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