This is a real time session where you can pose questions directly. Log into the office hour video-conference using the instructions below:

  1. Check the calendar for session dates or consult your course News Forum for times and dates of office hours.
  2. At the appropriate time and date, open the Zoom application on your computer, smart device, or phone (the application is free  to use and installation instructions are below).  Click here  as an alternative access path.
  3. Ensure that your webcam and microphone are working prior to joining the virtual conference room (for office hours, a microphone is acceptable if there are video problems).
  4. Click the join conference button.

Video-conferencing Application Installation

Before you can participate in office hours you need to install the free videoconferencing tool we use onto your internet device. Use the links below as appropriate for your method of access.

For Laptop or Desktop Computer
Go to, enter your e-mail address into the text block, click sign-up and follow the prompts.
For iPhone or iPad
Go to and follow the download and installation prompts.
For Smart Phones and Tablets
Go to and follow the download and installation prompts.

Ensure that you use the function test links (for audio and video) once you have application installed to verify the application is operating properly.

Welcome to office hours

There are many ways to participate in Office Hours and get assistance or have questions answered by Professor Kilgore or other staff:


E-Mail your question to us here. This is the fastest way to get an answer to something that perplexes you. We strive to respond in less than 24 hours and in most cases you get a response far quicker.


Current students can use the "Help Desk" feature inside our virtual learning environment. This method is best used for getting solutions for technical problems.


Use the recording widget below (SpeakPipe) to record a message that we may use in our online office hour session (see calendar below). If you have a pressing issue this is not the method to use. If you have a question that may be of interest to our student body, this IS the place to submit it. We may use your submitted audio question to set up a discussion and explanation of the topic or issue during our online video office hour. In most instances we will record the session and make the video available to all students.


Refer to the calendar below to select dates and times for Q&A sessions with academy staff.

Dates the academy is closed and dates the staff are out of office are also noted. While we attempt to answer every inquiry within 24 hours, on closed dates and out of office dates it may be up to 120 hours before we can respond.

NOTE: All times listed are US CST (Dallas). You can find the corresponding time in your region by referring to this world clock.